Facilities and Supplies

Media Services

Please direct all requests for media services (equipment and repairs) to media services at (972) 599-3170. Media not permanently installed in classrooms such as video equipment, overhead projectors, laptops, or a projection system must be requested at least 24-hours prior to the date required.

Office Space

UNT has office space equipped with a phone and computer that is available to faculty on a first- come first-serve basis. You may reserve an office for specific dates and times by contacting Dr. Myra Hafer at (972) 599-3126 or Myra.Hafer@unt.edu.

Copier Services

Faculty teaching classes at the CHEC receive a copy code based on the program in which they teach. To obtain a copy code, please contact Dr. Myra Hafer at (972) 599-3126 or Myra.Hafer@unt.edu.


Parking at the CHEC is free, but does require a Collin College parking sticker. Parking stickers may be obtained at the CHEC from the Information Center or the Student Services Center. Parking is available in any non-reserved parking stall in the parking lot or 5-level parking garage.


Classroom access issues, including unlocking classroom doors, may be reported to the information desk at (972) 599-3100. In case of fire or medical emergency, all classrooms are equipped with a phone to call 911. For other security issues, please call the Campus Police at (972) 578-5555 or x5555 on any campus phone.


UNT provides classroom and office supplies for its classes at the CHEC. Faculty needing supplies should contact Student Services at (972) 599-33167 or Dr. Myra Hafer at (972) 599-3126 or Myra.Hafer@unt.edu. In emergency situations, students may procure scantron forms, pens, or pencils from a vending machine located in the building.